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Suri miumiu

White Swan adjustable three piece ring set

Regular price $69.99 USD
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 Gram weight: about 13.6g
Metal material: Copper
Jewelry Technology: 18K gold plating painting process
  • Noble white swans, they have elegant and slender necks, light and leisurely, like pure and noble flowers, like fairies.
  • Using Buren polishing technology, it is smooth and exquisite, no trachoma, more comfortable to wear and elegant appearance quality.
  • The appearance is plated with 18K gold, which makes the quality more solid and high-quality. It also has anti allergy treatment, so you can wear it safely.
  • The original hand painting adopts enamel technology, which is outlined and glazed by a designer with more than 10 years of experience. Through a variety of processes to ensure that the product is three-dimensional and multifaceted, and the wearing feeling is better, more real and closer to nature.
  • The adjustable design is more suitable for fingers of different sizes. It can also slide safely and comfortably, which is good for teenagers and adults.



We use 18k PVD Plating on all our products, the highest quality plating available. However, all gold plating can eventually fade if not taken care of properly. Follow these simple steps to ensure your product last as long as possible:

1.Avoid any moisture, inding Sweat, Showers, Pools, Oceans etc.

2.After wearing your piece of jewellery, wipe it down with dry microfiber cloth to remove skin oils

3.Do not use jewelry cleaner or any other chemicals

Avoid Hairspray, cologne, body spray, etc.


Each of our works is outlined one by one by the designer and handmade through a variety of processes. Therefore, the production cycle will be slightly longer and will usually arrive by express within 15-20 working days.
If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, please contact our online customer service or email: , we will help solve it at the first time. thank you very much!